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Terje Nicolaisen

Various materials, an indefinite number of paintings made in a particular manner.

"In 1994 I had the idea that i wanted to make a painting for every room at Oslo Plaza Hotel. The hotel had 872 rooms and I started planning the making of the work. Immidiately I had the notion that the paintings should be made in a mechanical manner and with a format of aproximately 100 by 25 centmeters. They should be made with the speed of visa-cards and in the bright colours of the nations. Hesitating to start this production I finally arrived at making the first ones the summer of 2000, in the great inspiration and comfort of Pekka Nevalainen, the singing painter."

Terje Nicolaisen, billedkunstner
Født: 1964 i Oslo
Utdannet i Trondheim og Bergen.
Bor og jobber i Oslo.